Fast-tracking to the future of work

It is not just the nature of work but the way we work that is changing at lightning speed.
The shift toward technological platforms and value-added services has been much
underway over the last few years; however, this has catapulted by multiples in the wake of
COVID-19. When the black swan struck, the application-first economy and digitization
avenues accelerated exponentially, with remote-working becoming the new norm across
industries. Everything, from healthcare, computing, large-scale supply chains to the
service sector and even family life, was compelled to remake itself on new lines.

As businesses pivoted, so have their working models. Many job profiles have re-engineered while a host of new responsibilities have come up, as working with agility, flexibility and tech-savviness takes center stage. Automation has largely taken over standard processes, leaving a new canvas for designing human-led roles.

In a place like India, which hosts a promising labor force with its brewing demographic dividend, having a thorough understanding of the new-age work profile is unparalleled. For employees, the questions more-so become on what will be the exact impact of technology, automation, and artificial intelligence (AI) on working capacity. After all, what will be the new expectations toward work and particularly what critical skills and resources will become more relevant?

For businesses, the crucial questions lie in talent attraction, retention, and motivation. What are the needs of employees in the contemporary working environment? How do we effectively ensure performance, alignment as well as build inclusivity in remote, decentralized profiles? How to balance independence with goal congruency, especially amid-fast changing technology?

The questions are multifaceted and outnumbered. This macro-PDF series studies the opportunity brought about by the future of work from a People, Development and Financial angle.

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Fast-tracking to the future of work
Fast-tracking to the future of work