Governance Matters

The subject of corporate governance leapt to limelight from relative obscurity after a string of collapses of some high profile companies at the start of this century. With this, while corporate practices in the USA were the first to come under the scanner, over time it became apparent that the problem was far more widespread. Relatively similar issues in Europe, in Canada and in India revealed significant and deep-rooted problems, which inexplicably have the potential to creep in, at times and places where they are least expected.

Through this publication Mazars has identified and analysed several successful governance practices across the globe, which are pertinent to the current scenario. In doing so, we have also assessed how different countries are dealing with their corporate governance problems, while short-listing those practices that are driven by aspects, which are participatory, consensus oriented, accountable, transparent, responsive and equitable. In this publication you will also find benchmarks that can be used to develop a culture of values for professional and ethical behaviour on which well functioning markets depend.

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Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance