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Sustainability: Moving the conversation forward

Shedding a light on a topic of deep interest to Mazars, we commissioned the Economist Intelligence Unit to examine the relationship between regulation and sustainability. In this article, the way in which sustainability can be both measured and encouraged via regulation is researched, as well as the differences between countries and regions in adopting sustainable practices.

Using the SDGs to Add Value to Business

When the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 169 targets were launched, the message was clear to all stakeholders of the world – governments, regulators, companies, and populations – we need to do more to protect the world for future generations. So where are we now, and how are companies reacting to this brave new world? Mazars’ Global Sustainability Leadership Team explores this and more in the Global Goals Yearbook 2018.

Benchmark Study on Reinsurers’ Financial Communication

Reinsurance, also known as the “ insurers’ insurance ”, plays a key role in the global market economy today. Several factors, such as the strengthening of capital requirements, the increasing level of significant NAT CAT events or the need for optimal coverage is increasing the need for reinsurance.

Discover our 2018 Ecommerce reports!

Bringing you solutions in the face of new challenges brought on by ecommerce. Explore themes such as ethics & compliance, digitization & technology, and logistics & footprint on our new ecommerce microsite.

Doing Business in India 2018

Foreign companies and employees intending to start work in India must abide by the rules and regulations regarding registration equally. The following article focuses on the framework for foreign employees in India, ranging from visa application to registration, PAN and Aadhaar card.

Domestic Participation Flying High on the A&D Front

India’s Aerospace & Defence (A&D) has always been put at the forefront of development, given its linkage with national security, as well as the heap of domestic activity involved. As per SIPRI, India is the 5th largest spender in Defense goods (constituting an outlay of USD 55.9 billion in 2016). It is also expected to become the 3rd largest aviation market by 2025, requiring over 1,500 new commercial aircraft by 2030 to cater towards the high-traffic demand.

Board Charters - A Guiding Tool

"In a shifting business environment, a Board Charter should occupy centre stage, particularly given that it is meant to contain practical recommendations in case of Board-level disagreements, thus providing useful reference points for resolving disputes."

Bharat Dhawan,Partner, Mazars talks about Board Charters as a guiding tool for an organisation, in the June 2017 publication of CFO Connect.