Due Diligence and Transaction Support

Mazars Transaction Services offer vendors, purchasers and financiers all the necessary skills and expertise to serve every aspect of their transactions.

Combining financial expertise with commercial acumen, our multi-disciplinary teams target business drivers, balance sheet pillars, key management, key relationships and taxation to provide insight which is critical for transaction decisions. 

Be it buy-side or sell-side, our due diligence professionals are equipped with in-depth knowledge and experience that enable business-oriented analysis of all sizes of targets in different market sectors and geographies. 

What does due diligence mean at Mazars

Not A Commodity

Specific Project

Skilled Professionals

Dedicated experience

Cross Border


At Mazars, we believe that due diligence should not be treated as a commodity.

Each due diligence project is planned to ensure all key aspects (valuation, drivers, risk areas etc.) are well-thought-out.

Mazars’ Partners tackle each project with a “hands-on” approach, ensuring that our clients can expect high level of expertise throughout the project.

Our team of dedicated professionals possess the skills to uncover the unexpected and pick up issues with ease to share them with other advisors and in-house project teams. 

Mazars’ unique cross-border integrated partnership and strong inter-personal relationships is one of the key factors which will provide successful project coordination.

To avoid potential independence issues, it would be unusual for Mazars to take on both the advisory role and provide due diligence services. We also perform global conflict checks for all assignments.


Buy-side Due Diligence

Acquisition Due Diligence

Your Focus

  • Identify the characteristics of the target and evaluate past and future performance
  • Identify and understand the factors that could  make or break the transaction
  • Secure the financial elements to be used in determining the purchase price

Our Solutions

  • Identifying/analysing the key elements affecting the acquisition price
  • Determine normalised profits, working capital, and net debt
  • Comprehensively identifying risks for which warranties are required
  • Determining the optimal acquisition structure from a financial and tax standpoint
  • Carrying out a post-acquisition audit  & preparing the opening balance sheet
  • Evaluate the target’s quality of earnings
  • Assisting with the drafting of the mechanisms of price adjusting clauses
  • Understanding the underlying performance of the target

Sell-side Due Diligence 



Fact Book

Vendor Due Diligence





Scope's breadth



Limited flexibility

Mazars' branding




Meeting with bidders

 Yes, but only in the context of the basis of preparation

Yes, but only factual based messages will be communicated

Yes, our contribution includes Mazars' point of view


Limited deliverable typically includes Data set / Transaction Model



Level of details & work




Vendor Due Diligence 

Your Focus

  • Prepare a company or a branch of a business for a disposal (including through a carve-out process)
  • Obtain the highest possible sale price while meeting other criteria considered essential for the sale
  • Manage your project confidentially and control the information flows

Our Solutions

  • Identifying and ranking value-generating factors
  • Preparing pro forma financials 
  • Analysing historical performance and preparing a critical review and the drafting of the business plan