Mazars highlighted as one of the 9 most influential accounting firms in the world

Mazars has been featured by UpSlide as one of ‘The 9 Most Influential Accounting Firms in the World’.

“Unlike its competitors Mazars is not an association of firms but a partnership of women and men. This elective model grants our strength and stability. Our DNA was built around four pillars defined by Robert Mazars himself: skills, independence of mind, sharing and tolerance. As CEO and Chairman, I consider myself responsible for this Constitution. None of our co-workers can become Partner without fully adhering to these principles that make our identity” – Philippe Castagnac, Group’s CEO and Chairman of the Group Excecutive Board


The best accounting firms in the world are often known for their long working hours, ruthless competition between graduates and their very well payed employees. However, there is much more to these powerful accounting firms that you probably never knew before. UpSlide have put together its list of ‘The 9 Most Influential Accounting Firms in the World’. We have included stories of their unheard history, unique characteristics that make them so different to each other, latest revenue figures, quotes from their top Finance professionals and other facts you never knew about these incredible firms. Presenting UpSlide‘s list of The 9 Most Influential Accounting Firms in the World… 

Mazars has 17,000 professionals in the 77 countries which make up its partnership in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, North America, Latin America and the Caribbean. Mazars is one of Europe’s largest audit and accounting firms with a huge global presence. Worldwide turnover for the integrated partnership for the fiscal year ending 2015 was $1.3 billion. Mazars operates as a single entity as a fully integrated partnership. Mazars publicizes its consolidated financial accounts, a move it claims is unusual for private audit and advisory firms.

The original Mazars firm was formed in Rouen, Normandy in France in 1940, by Robert Mazars. Mazars stayed a local firm until the 1980s when former CEO Patrick de Cambourg started to internationalize the firm growing the business from 33 employees in 1977 to the global firm of today. Mazars merged with accounting firm “Guérard Viala” to form “Mazars & Guérard” in 1995. On 1 September 1998 “Mazars & Guerard” merged with the British accountancy firm “Neville Russell” and traded, in the UK, for a number of years as “Mazars Neville Russell”. In 2002, “Mazars Neville Russell”, as well as its counterpart firms across Europe, changed the name to become simply Mazars.

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