Global mergers & acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions (“M&A”)s have been widely used in developed as well as developing economies, as a tool to propel growth;an aspect which is increasingly being used by organisations as a critical component of their business strategy. In fact M&A activity has
become an important ingredient of an expansion strategy for evolving businesses, specially those in the sectors of information technology,
telecommunications, business process outsourcing as well as in certain traditional manufacturing businesses.

In this publication, you will find an objective assessment of several prominent M&A transactions in the recent times, across the globe, across several sectors (with a special focus on Energy & Natural Resources, Financial Services, Healthcare, Chemicals, Mining & Metals, Technology, Media & Telecommunication;, along with expert views on issues that have been managed and considerations that can drive (including those which are expected to influence) global M&A activity.


Global M&A