Telecommunication Industry - Global Dynamics

This publication provides a holistic perspective of significant dynamics at a global level. In doing so, the publication also explores the impact of these dynamics across not only the entities in the telecom value chain (including network operators,service providers, device manufacturers and content/ application developers), but regulators, consumers and organisations not traditionally associated with the telecom value chain such as retailers and educational institutions.

This publication offers a thought provoking analysis of five dynamics, which we believe will have the most significant impact on telecom in the years to come. These include the convergence of internet and telecom, the empowerment of mobile telecom, the growing importance of cybersecurity, the expanding presence of green telecom and the increasing implementation of mobile education.

We believe that a thorough understanding of these dynamics, their fundamental drivers and their implications across the value chain is necessary, not only for the continued growth of the telecom industry itself, but also for telecom to continue to give birth to innovations that change our lives and play such an important role in bridging geographical, economic and social divisions.

Telecom - global dynamics


Telecommunication Industry : Global Dynamics