Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFC) tracker

Did you know India has the world's second-largest unbanked population, with an estimated 190 million adults lacking a bank account, a sizable proportion of whom are women?

Historically, NBFCs have been an essential pillar of the Indian financial ecosystem, playing a key role as financial intermediaries in channeling savings and investments, especially for small-scale and retail sectors, underserved areas, and financially excluded sectors of the Indian economy.
The regulatory environment for NBFCs in India has undergone significant changes over the years, shifting from simple laws to strict and complex regulations, and even toward rationalization, as evidenced by the recently amended NBFC regulatory framework. 
With opportunities arising in this sector and bold challenges to overcome we hereby provide a sectoral review for FY23 of the NBFC sector in India. Click the link below to read the document and do let us know your feedback on the same!


NBFC Tracker
NBFC Tracker