Digitalisation - a vehicle of the new age of transformation

Digitalisation, as we call it today, is sweeping across every aspect of our daily lives in all possible ways. Right from gathering the news we find in the newspapers every morning to the billing process at our neighbourhood grocery shop, it is digital technology that is making tasks faster and more accurate.
Mazars has in this whitepaper analysed some pertinent issues which throw light on how digitalisation has become a vehicle of this new age of transformation.

The impact of digital technologies is prevalent in every spectrum of our lives and consequently the current era is also termed as the “digital age”. The process of digitalisation started some five decades back with the advent of computing technologies and digital electronics. Today digitalisation can be seen as a tool of transformation which extends beyond our lifestyle to the way we transact, interact and conduct business. Across all sectors, be this communication, media, healthcare, retail and manufacturing, we are increasingly seeing the use of digital technology. The landscape of this digital age is increasingly being driven by innovations in e-communications, e-commerce and ever increasing deployment of the internet to create economies based on high technology, massive communication, knowledge creation and innovation. It is important to understand and appreciate the factors that are ushering in such changes and how these are impacting the modern day business.

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