Financial Risk Management

Our Financial Risk Management (FRM) practice provides strategic and complete set of services that involves reviewing, developing and implementing hedge strategies and policies for foreign exchange, interest rate and commodity price risk.

The services are fitting for organisations that are seeking to improve their cash flows, reduce their financial risk or want to move on automation path for their treasury function. Our bank fees optimisation solutions can help businesses to achieve sustainable savings by evaluating their existing banking architecture and comparing current cost with external benchmarks. Structured trade finance solutions are helping our clients to effectively manage their working capital and achieving additional growth purely due to additional liquidity infused in the system.

Our team brings a wealth of real-world, practical and operational experience in corporate treasury, financial risk management, policies & process reviews, hedge accounting, internal audit & controls as well as risk management consulting across various industries. They have experience in managing more than 200 treasuries including large sized international and Indian clients across APAC, EMEA, United Kingdom and Europe. They specialise in solutions related to forex, commodity price risk management, interest rate risk management, investment management, hedge accounting and quantitative services, working capital advisory and treasury technology.