Transformation, Automation & Outsourcing

Transformation connotes change – the constructive, positive, forward-looking, value-added elements of change. It transcends all operating functions of an organisation – be it finance, information technology, operations, supply chain, human resources. Our goal is to assist organisations of varied nature, scale and complexity levels strategise effectively, operate efficiently and function profitably – through an optimum utilisation of their 3 key assets, namely people, process and technology.

In achieving this goal, automation inevitably has a mission-critical role to play. We live in a digital age, and the constructive disruptions of technology have a profound impact on both the present and the future. Accordingly, we assist organisations in their on-going journey towards attaining desired business growth and operational excellence standards by leveraging the benefits of technology to optimum levels. From an operational perspective, this is complemented by cost optimisation and quality enhancement measures embedded in outsourcing initiatives to provide a well-rounded value proposition to clients for long-standing benefit.

How we support our clients in their transformation: 

Transformation:  Finance Function 

We work with the Office of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in identifying and executing improvement opportunities tailored to the unique needs of the organisation’s business and finance & accounting operations – encompassing strategy, processes and digitisation requirements.  Projects typically commence with a functional/feasibility assessment, followed by engagement execution and value benefit delivery.    

Transformation:  Operations

We assist in identifying and reviewing risks across an organisation’s supply chain function, and devising solutions aimed at stabilisation, cost optimisation and working capital rationalisation.  We actively engage in problem solving across customer engagement, sales and distribution channels of an organisation to enable top-line revenue growth and enhance operating efficiency levels.


Transformation:  Human Resources 

We provide distinctive end-to-end solutions specifically designed around an employee’s ‘Hire to Retire’ life cycle.  These solutions are power-driven by technology platforms and help elevate employee experiences.  These include organisation development/design, workforce rationalisation, leadership/management learning & development, compliances, recruitment assistance and process automation.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) 

RPA uses a software platform which acts as a ‘virtual employee’ to perform processes in the same way as an individual does.  Its innovative usage enables productivity improvement, quality enhancement through error reduction/elimination and quick Return on Investment – and spans across all operating functions of an organisation, including audit.  Projects typically commence with a ‘Proof of Concept’, followed by opportunity assessment, platform selection and full-scale implementation.


Shared Services/Outsourcing 

We assist organisations in re-defining/re-calibrating their target operating models in alignment with leadership vision and goals.  Conceptualisation & design, feasibility assessment & business case, transition, implementation and roll-out/project management constitute essential components of shared service centre projects.  Outsourcing projects encompass book-keeping services, preparation of financial statements, consolidation of group accounts, preparation of internal MIS reports/dashboards, payroll handling and compliances with applicable statutory/regulatory requirements.