Accelerating AI-enabled cybersecurity

Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity are inherently intertwined, given their shared emphasis on data management. This convergence has the potential to revolutionise information governance significantly.
The development and proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI) in the last ten years has been nothing short of extraordinary. As per a report by Bloomberg intelligence, the AI market is poised to catapult to US$1.3 trillion over the next 8-10 years, with a range of specialised software and services emerging to meet growing demand.


To begin with, what exactly is AI?

As a definition, AI refers to the science of simulating human intelligence in machines, with the aim to enable them to emulate human thought processes and actions. This enables AI to execute certain tasks that were traditionally within the domain of human intelligence, with the added benefit of minimising errors typically made by humans. Consequently, this enables AI to outperform its natural counterparts in certain scenarios.

This characteristic has led AI to revolutionise numerous industries worldwide, and India is notably among those experiencing significant transformation. Cloud platforms and AI-first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies have showcased commendable AI-capability on scale implementations, with their innovative approaches to complex corporate problem statements gaining widescale enterprise confidence. As per a survey by the Data Security Council of India (DSCI), around 97% of Indian organisations have invested in AI/ML technologies while 84% have invested in the Cloud.

Statistically, AI is projected to contribute approximately US$500bn to India’s GDP by 2025, by way of both increased productivity and employment generation.

Having said that, AI isn't just about propelling industries forward; it's also about safeguarding the cyberspace it interacts with.

This macro-PDF series examines the opportunities brought about by the use of AI in cybersecurity from a People, Development and Financial angle.


Accelerating AI-enabled cybersecurity